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Surrounding tourism

  • play

    • Shirakabako Family Land

      Shirakabako Lake leisure facility spreading on the Higashikohan of Shirakabako Lake.
      There are various attractions and facilities such as natural hot springs and museums, amusement parks, "Lego Kingdom", animal corners such as village of dogs and cats, natural garden.
      (10 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Megami Lake Margaret Reflecting Park

      Tennis, fishing, archery, putter golf, cross-country skiing, mini-soccer, barbecue, etc. can be enjoyed on the Shirakaba plateau plateau covered with fresh air at an altitude of 1500 m and an average temperature of 18 degrees. (20 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Pilatus Tateshina Ropeway

      It is a 100-person ropeway which is located in Mt Yatsugatake of Shinshu Tateshina Kogen and connects from the Sanroku Station 1771 m in altitude to the Sancho station (altitude 2240 m) in the ridgeline of Mt Kitayokodake and Mt Shimagareyama
      From the car window of the ropeway, Japan's Three Great Alps can enjoy the view of the Southern Alps and Chuo Alps North Alps, to enjoy the scenery in the country Pilatus only! It is an all season resort where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter. (30 minutes by car from Bonheur)
  • Touching art and history

    • Suwa City Taiji Harada Art Museum

      A museum that displays work by Taizi Harada, a painter from Suwa City.
      Works depicting Japan's hometown and the four seasons centering on works drawn in the "World of Taizi Harada" serialized in the newspaper are lined up, and it is possible to spend a rich moment with touch of a beautiful Japanese hometown, a nostalgic home can.Required one hour.(40 minutes by car from Bonheur
    • Suwa Kitazawa Museum of Art

      on the banks of Lake Suwa Suwa Kitazawa Museum of Art, built on the banks of Lake Suwa of on the banks of Lake Suwa, is a building where cream-colored tile outer walls feel a mountain-styled atmosphere on the triangle roof of the gable.
      Exhibited works of domestic and foreign painters representing modern and contemporary, centering on Art Art Nouveau glass crafts represented by Emile Galle. There is also a shop selling tea rooms and glass craft items that can overlook Lake Suwa.(40 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Rene Lalique Museum

      French Glass artist René Lalique gained popularity for its sophisticated designs and innovative ideas during the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s. This museum exhibits only the works of René Lalique in partnership with Lalique company in France. Enjoy art Art Deco art inspired by a period of France through Larick's glass crafts. (40 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Suwa Taisha Shrine

      The Suwa Shrine, which has more than 10,000 descendants throughout the country, is located in the south of Lake Suwa, with Kamisha Honmiya and Maemiya, and Shimosha Akimiya and Harumiya in the north. These four palaces are collectively referred to as Suwa Taisha.
      Suwa Taisha Shrine Kamisha Honmiya: It is near the Chuo Expressway Suwa IC, and most valuable buildings are left.
      Treasures (fee: 300 yen, hours: 9 o'clock to 16 o'clock, holidays: no holiday) contain many corporate treasures such as swords and old documents.
      Suwa Taisha Kami-sha Grand Shrine Mae-miya: There is a hill of Miyagawa, Chino City overlooking the Mt Yatsugadake and Suwadaira
      Suwa Taisha Shrine Shimosha Akimiya: Located near Shimosuwa Juku the Shimosuwa Juku of the Former Nakasendo Road and Koshu Kaido, it is visited by many worshipers among the four palaces because of its convenient transportation. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Haru-miya: The atmosphere is quieter and calmer than the glamorous Akimiya. (45 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Pottery Studio Tosenbo

      Foot of Mt Tateshina pottery workshop in the woods located between Megamiko Lake Shirakabako Lake and Megamiko Lake
      White birch forest the workshop in the White birch forest, we are making Tateshina pottery using the mountain soil from Mt. Mt Tateshina and the ash of thinned trees. A cafe and a gallery are also installed, and the tableware used in the cafe uses the equipment of the soil produced in this workshop.(15 minutes by car from Bonheur)
  • Touch nature

    • Nagato Ranch

      North Shinshu Shirakaba Kogen land area of 211 hectares (45 for Tokyo Dome) on North Shinshu Shirakaba Kogen at an altitude of 1,400 meters, North Shinshu Shirakaba Kogen home-grown grass, breeds 400 dairy cows, and uses high quality fresh milk squeezed from it It is a farm that produces dairy products at the plant in the ranch and sells it directly to customers visiting the ranch.
      As a pasture experience, you can make butter, make ice cream, and have an outdoor barbecue.In addition to horseback riding and horse riding experience throughout the year, in winter, meadows are open to cross-country skiing.(20 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Hope Lodge Horse Riding Ranch

      There are course tailored to the level from beginners to advanced people, so you can enjoy horseback riding casually with families, or you can enjoy horse riding in earnest.(15 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Yajima Marsh

      The Yajima Marsh, which is also designated as a natural monument of the country, has a heart-shaped shape in a wetland spreading 620 m north and south and 1050 m east to west northwest of Kirigamine.
      In the marshland there are Yashimaga-ike (lake) Kamagaike Lake Onigasensui, Kamagaike Lake Onigasensui Kamagaike Lake Onigasensui, Kamagaike Lake, etc. A walking course 1 hour and 30 minutes required for traveling around these is in place .
      Approximately 300 kinds of wetland plants and alpine plants grow naturally in the surroundings such as beetle rackshire, cherry blossoms, Nikko Kisoge, and you can see the most beautiful landscape in the year from early July to late August.(25 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Megamiko Lake

      It was an artificial lake that formed the moor that kept the legend that Kappa lived in was once called Akanumataira.
      In a small lake that can walk in about 30 minutes in one lap, the Megami Lake Center the south coast (hours: 9 o'clock to 18 o'clock, break on holidays, no breaks at 0267-55-6210), a boat ride (30 minutes: 1,050 We are renting such as yen).(20 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Oshozu Shizenen

      About 300 kinds of alpine plants, such as carrion lily and red clover, and about 50 kinds of wild birds are inhabited in the garden covered with the native forest.
      You can go to Oshozu Shizenen by gondola (round trip 900 yen).(20 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Tateshina Kogen Barakura English Garden

      It is a full-fledged English-style garden unified with the feminine sensibility of British gardening researcher Ms Kei Yamada. About 2,500 flowers and trees are transplanted from England in the site of approximately 10,000 square meters and flowers symbolizing the English garden such as Old Rose and Fritillaria can be seen and the natural environment of Tateshina, close to the UK I am harmoniously in harmony.
      There are also tea rooms where you can taste original tea and scones, a store of gardening goods, and boutiques dealing with fashion originating from the garden.(30 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Lake Suwa Geyser Center

      The size of the Lake Suwa geyser that blows hot springs vigorously is said to be one of the most important in the world, and the spout height rises to 50 meters.You can see from the observation lounge on the third floor up close at the center.The time to blow up is around 10, 11:30, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30.(40 minutes by car from Bonheur)
  • To be healed

    • Shirakabako Suzuran-no-yu

      Minami Shirakabako-han day-trip hot spring facility standing Minami Shirakabako-han.In addition to an in-bath with a whirlpool and jacuzzi, there is also a stone outdoor bath, a far infrared low temperature sauna, and a rest room where you can unwind and watch the scenery comfortably.
      Orange hot water containing active ingredients such as iron is poured into an outdoor bath that wants a lake, and its efficacy is said to be neuralgia, muscle pain, recovery from fatigue, and so on.(15 minutes by car from Bonheur)
    • Katakura-kan

      Katakura-kan built by Katakura Silk as a regional welfare comfort facility in Showa 3 (1928) is located in Kamisuwa Hot Springs, and still familiar to many people as a public bathhouse.A famous Thousand people bath is a marble bathtub capable of fulfilling abundant natural hot springs and is large enough to allow more than 100 people to bathe at a time.Put the ball gravel on the bottom of the depth of 1.1 m and feel a pleasant stimulation when standing.You can also enjoy stained glass and surrounding sculptures and decorations.
      It is said that fountain quality is simple hot spring, indication is rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases and so on.(45 minutes by car from Bonheur)