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The discovery of new dishes is more than the discovery of celestial bodies for the well-being of mankind

"The discovery of a new dish is more than the discovery of celestial bodies for the well-being of humanity",-From Brillat-Savarin, "A handbook of gastronomy"-

Altitude 1925 m, Kurumayama with delicious water and air created by rich nature.Please spend happy moments at French of Bonheur with its abundant ingredients of Shinshu and local produce at the foot.···
  • Deliciousness and health

    course dishes with plenty of vegetables plus food not only delicious but also healthy French, popular among women

    Aiming at a dish where you can enjoy not only taste but also aroma and food and texture
  • Determine material

    Of course, not only fresh but also aged effect, choice of materials considering the timing of eating
  • Also the ingredients in the mountains

    Taste the grace of mountains bred in nature around Bonheur, such as wild vegetables, fruits from Nagano Prefecture, and mountain stream fish etc
  • Source of passion

    Boil down groundwater in the Kurumayama and bones, streaks, flavored vegetables, herbs and spices of the calves carefully and take phones.

    Fung from Takahara vegetables and juice from fish and meat of the material are also based on sauce.Enjoy the condensed taste of the essence of the material!

    Bon, apetit!
  • Chef's introduction

    After graduating from university, I practiced at 2 restaurants in Osaka, after 1994 I entered the kitchen of Bonheur and has reached the present.
    We constantly conscious of the unique climate of Shinshu or Kurumayama Plateau, Wednesday and Saturday soil, except for useless decorations, we are pursuing the dishes that make use of the taste of materials as simple as possible from day to day. For the main ingredients, we cook dishes expressing terroir which contains scented herbs and sauces that take time and effort carefully and spiritually including Tateshina and around Kurumayama Plateau and the surrounding area. It is.

    I would like to continue to aim for customers who have eaten once in Bonheur and will continue to remember the kind of mind that you can remember when you are hungry.