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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a refrigerator?

    Some rooms have a fridge.A total of 4 rooms, Gran Twin Room and Suite Room.There is a refrigerator in the facility.Beer, juice and so on areContinue reading
  • Can I use the Internet?

    Wireless WI-FI is installed.If you select the "bonheur" account in your smartphone settings, you can use it without a password.
  • To find out the exact position with a car navigation system

    When you enter latitude and longitude, the correct position will appear.It is north latitude 36'05'39, east longitude 138'12'58,.This will gContinue reading
  • About guest amenity

    We offer soap, rinse in shampoo and toothbrush with toothpaste in every room.
    Towels that can be used in the bathroom are three types: face Continue reading
  • About check-in

    It is time to check in, but it is after 3 pm.Although it has become the wind, there are problems such as "I have arrived earlier than planneContinue reading
  • About meal time

    Dinner is from PM 6 o'clock.Just get in the traffic jam, get lost, get involved in an accident, etc. In case your arrival is delayed, pleaseContinue reading
  • Time to take a bath

    The bath in the room is available at any time.Reservation system natural hot spring Jacuzzi public bath is until 11 pm.
  • About use of parking lot

    The car park in Bonheur is right next to the building. You can use your time at any time.I arrived at ski early so it is OK even before checContinue reading
  • About the age of children

    Bonheur it is the Auberge where adults can enjoy the relaxing time and space, especially during meals. Therefore, we ask children's age limiContinue reading
  • About pets

    Although it is about pets, it is refused in the whole building in Bonheur. Please understand.
  • About the surrounding ski resort

    Regarding the ski resorts around Bonheur, first there is Kurumayama Plateau in the Bonheur Kurumayama Plateau, so the nearest ski resort is Continue reading
  • About Yukata

    Bonheur we are not preparing yukata in our room. However, rental is carried out for a fee.One is ¥ 200.The use of Yukata is limited to roomsContinue reading
  • About smoking

    Please refrain from smoking in guestrooms, dining, public bath, lounge, hallway and so on.It is no smoking.Smoking rooms are available for sContinue reading
  • About dinner

    Dinner starts from PM 6 o'clock.The content starts with amuse, and has become hors d'oeuvre, soup, fish dish, meat dish, dessert, coffee or Continue reading
  • About hot springs

    Bonheur has a Serigasawa Onsen from Serigasawa Onsen Chino City from September 2008 and enjoys a large public bath with a Jacuzzi. Izumi quaContinue reading
  • About natural bathing spa with jacuzzi

    Charges for each room are available 30 minutes.The time is from pm 3 to pm 11 o'clock.We have made reservations in order from the earliest cContinue reading
  • Winter road

    Kurumayama Plateau is the access to the Kurumayama Plateau, but in such as car navigation systems, but there may be a directions via KirigamContinue reading
  • How to use a natural hot spring jacuzzi

    Please make your reservation in rooms at check-in.Do not wear bathing suits as it is a bath.There is a suction opening for hot water circulaContinue reading
  • About wine

    As of December 2008, we have 17 wines of red wine, 6 white wines, 1 rose and 1 sparkling wine types.We will change this type from time to tiContinue reading
  • About driving in winter

    It is attention to customers planning to come in winter.It is convenient to have, tire chain, glove hand, wire, rag cloth, towing rope, air Continue reading
  • Is dinner at bread? rice?

    Since the ski season is basically playing sports, there are many customers who want to eat well, so we decide to serve rice.However, we willContinue reading
  • About tobacco

    All rooms in Bonheur are non-smoking. Smoking rooms are available for smokers.There is also an air purifier and a window, so you can have enContinue reading
  • Can I extend the checkout time?

    I'm sorry.It is not possible to extend the checkout time according to circumstances.Please acknowledge it.In addition, the check-out time isContinue reading
  • About allergy

    If you have food allergies, poor foods etc. Please contact us in advance.I will correspond as much as possible.
  • Do you have a laundromat?

    I'm sorry.There is no coin launderette in the hotel.
  • Is there a cigarette vending machine or sales?

    I'm sorry.We do not sell tobacco vending machines or sales at the hotel.There is a vending machine (in 1 min by car) in the hotel nearby.
  • Is there selling of souvenirs?

    We do not sell souvenirs at the hotel, but there are some big souvenir shops nearby (2 minutes by car).
  • Is a Japanese style toilet? Western style

    It is all Western style.
  • Is there karaoke?

    I'm sorry.There is no karaoke facility in the hotel.
  • Is it possible to make a day trip?

    I'm sorry.I do not go on a one-day hot spring.

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