Shinshu, Auberge Bonheur, where you can also enjoy natural hot springs at Kurumayama Kogen Plateau

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Hotel Facilities

  • Jacuzzi bath

    It is a large jacuzzi bath of 2 x 4 m of natural hot springs.You can use 21 square meters of space on a private room basis.For relaxation please.You can use it without swimwear.Serigasawa onsen's hot spring water is said to be the secret spring water of Shingen Takeda pulls from Serigasawa onsen's hot spring water is said to be the secret spring water of Shingen Takeda, the quality of spring is alkaline simple hot spring, your skin becomes smooth.Of course, it also works for recovery from fatigue, rheumatism, diabetes and so on. *Permission number: Directive 20 Section 86-6, Suwa Health Center, Nagano Prefecture
  • Dining·bar counter·fireplace

    Bar counter: After meals, it is available from PM 8: 30 to PM 11: 00.(Please contact us at check-in as there are days when you can not use it.

    Please enjoy the dinner while listening to the automatic performance piano with a relaxing dining.

    Fireplace: Please tell us after-snow skiing, after meals etc.
    I will prepare for fire.
  • Herb Garden

    I use vegetable garden herbs in Kurumayama Kogen Plateau for active cooking and dessert.

    Mint, thyme, lemon balm, oregano, sage, Serufiyu, Italian parsley, borage, chamomile, wild strawberry, arugula, blue Kyato mint, lavender, such as such as rosemary, Kurumayama Kogen Plateau climate and many of the rich aroma of the soil was brought up in the Kurumayama Kogen Plateau Please look forward to the taste.
    Kurumayama Kogen Plateau herbs will surely heal your mind and body.
    (* The type of herbs may differ depending on the season)
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Hotel Name

Resort Inn Bonheur


3413-58 Kitayama, Chino City

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45 minutes Kanetsu Highway from Suwa IC Chuo Highway 60 minutes by car from Saku IC on Kanetsu Highway 50 minutes by bus from JR Chino Station

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  • What is Bonheur

    Bonheur is French meaning "good time", or "happiness."
    Moments of precious holiday customers who have visited the Bonheur of Kurumayama Kogen Plateau, with the feeling that I would like to spend in a happy feeling, I put this name.


  • Herb garden news

    We will send out information on nature and Bonheur around the Kurumayama excite blog.The picture is bigger and easier to see.Sometimes we are introducing different information, so please do not hesitate to contact us as well.

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